From 26.2 to a mile!


Hey everyone….

Oh my….you have no idea how much I can relate to this quote and I do not find it ironic that I randomly went to find a quote for this blog post…and it ended up being a Saucony #FindYourStrong one!! WOW!!! I DID NOT PLAN THAT! I loved the quote and picture…and selected it!

Anyway….this post has been a long time coming, I just haven’t know where to begin or what to say….as there is so much to say, but my rambling and babbling self is going to do my best to keep it short!!

As most of you know 2014 was an amazing year for my running journey.  I was selected to run my first freaking FULL MARATHON in Honolulu, Hawaii in December 2014 as part of the Saucony26Strong program with my dear friend Amanda Brooks-McLatchie as my coach.  It was an amazing year with lots of ups and down of training but the experience was amazing!!!


I came off that race with some health issues but I just knew this was just the beginning of many great things coming my way.  I could just feel it.  My goal for 2015 was to run a sub2hour half marathon and then hopefully do another full marathon in 2016.  I did come back and ran a 2:10 in the Fargo Half Marathon in May which was a huge PR for me and that’s where I set my sights on a sub2hour half! I just knew I could do it.

2015-05-09 10.36.11

Unfortunately, June started a string of health issues that have lasted now for over a year.  To make a very long story as short as I can….after many doctor’s visits, tests, blood draws, etc…we found my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis flared and I have mild anemia and mild gastritis, which all put together pretty much sent my body and health into a downward spiral.

Over the last year my running pretty much came to a stop as I could barely walk a mile without my heart rate going way up and I quickly lost my oomph and strength for yoga.  My muscles I had worked so hard for {yes my short chubby cottage cheese legs that worked so hard for me}, my strength, my endurance all slipped away and my body has become very soft, fluffy and lumpy! LOL

Yes, this could all be from having trained so hard for the marathon…but there are many things I SHOULD HAVE and COULD HAVE caught earlier if I wasn’t so darn stubborn and being worried about being a hypochondriac!!

Next time {yes, there will be a next time} I will be healthier and I will make necessary adjustments to ensure my health!

To say I haven’t been depressed about all of this would be a lie…it’s been rough…very rough.  I have been so exhausted most of the time and it’s so hard to have worked so hard on something to see so much of it and many goals slip away.

Now, I am working my way back to health in the right ways.  I have a great support team of friends, family, and people working to help me feel better.  I have managed a few intervals of runs and walks around 1.5 miles where my heart rate is FINALLY staying where it needs to be and that is a HUGE accomplishment and excites me big time.


Much love to you all!!!




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Choose Well


Hey everyone!

I thought this was perfect not only for the weekend, but also as my first post back to blogging.  I have taken quite a break which I will talk about more later in another post, but isn’t this so true?

We are ALL busy and stressed…but are we taking the time for JOY in our lives? I know I tend to focus on the busyness and stress BEFORE letting myself feel the joy! And trust me, I have lots of reasons to be JOYFUL…but believe it or not…FEELING joy is not always easy for me!

So….let’s all make a choice to choose well this weeekend….let’s CHOOSE JOY!!


Do you find yourself lacking joy in your life? 

If so, take some time to think about what stresses you out the most. or what is keeping you so busy…and see where you can make a little change…if even for just 5 minutes to experience some JOY!

Much love to you all!


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Love Yourself Enough Challenge ~ EXTENDED!!

love yourself enough challenge

Hey everyone!!! The original #LOVEYOURSELFENOUGHCHALLENGE is over…but…Bailey, Amanda and I have decided to extend it!!

Sometimes accountability is exactly what we need to keep on track with our goals…and even sometimes change them based on life circumstances! Accountability and support are key for some of us!

So, on that note…the #LOVEYOURSELFENOUGHCHALLENGE continues!  For a recap of what the challenge is all about go here.

We have given you a few tools over the last 3 weeks to help you think about what things YOU LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH to do to change or implement to make your day go smoother!! We have all come up with different things and some of us have bumped into obstacles.  It’s all a learning process and it’s all good!

So, now…for the next 30 days, we are going to pick ONE THING that you feel will help or helped you the most to make your day go smoother. ONE THING ONLY!!!


  • Pick ONE THING that you need to do to LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH to follow through on to make your day go smoother.
  • Feel free to commit to that ONE THING for accountability on my Facebook page. I will post a thread for you to post what you will be trying to do for this week, next week will be Bailey, and the following week Amanda.  Just watch our posts for info and direction! Easy peasy I promise! {If not comfortable doing this, just write it down somewhere for yourself!}
  • “They” say it takes 21-30 days to create a habit, so let’s aim for 30 days and see how we do!! Challenge will run Wednesday, April 13 through May 12.
  • Stay tuned as you never know what fun stuff we might throw your way!
  • Feel free to use #LOVEYOURSELFENOUGHCHALLENGE to document your journey on any social media so we can follow you too!

Jodi, Amanda and Bailey


Love Yourself Enough Challenge ~ Week 3!!!

love yourself enough challenge

Hey everyone!!!!

Welcome back to week 3 of the #LOVEYOURSELFENOUGHCHALLENGE!! 

As you know, Bailey, Amanda and I have teamed up to bring you a fun challenge to help you LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH to take action and do something to help your day go better!!!

And remember, it’s never too late to participate so just jump right on in!!

This week’s challenge per Amanda:

enjoy the little things

We all know how busy life can get. Between work, kids, family, and trying to stay sane, it’s hard to take time, sit back and enjoy what you have.
So, my challenge for you this week is to…Enjoy the little things!
Find one thing everyday that makes YOU happy and then take the time to ENJOY it!
Maybe you like to read
Maybe its a relaxing bath
Watching a TV show you haven’t seen in a long time
Calling a friend you haven’t talked to in forever
Looking through old pictures
Putting on some sweats and relaxing
Going for a walk
Just to name a few…
Then, let me know what you did to enjoy life a little bit more everyday. Post daily, or all of them at the end of the week.
AND…On Sunday I will have a prize for one person who took the time to Enjoy!
 ~Jodi, Amanda and Bailey
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Love Yourself Enough Challenge ~ Week 2- A new CHALLENGE with PRIZES!

love yourself enough challenge

Hey everyone!

Last week Bailey, Amanda and I introduced the #LOVEYOURSELFENOUGH Challenge!! and now we are starting week 2…with a twist!!! {And remember, it’s never too late to participate!! We would love for you to join us!!}

This week’s twist per Bailey!!


hosted by Bailey M.

ok ladies, we’ve been working on Loving ourselves enough to commit to doing something for ourselves! Now as a busy lady, I know how hard this is especially for us women! But I also know that when I don’t take time to work on me, my whole world suffers. We’ve heard it a million times but it’s so true, we must first love ourselves and we must first care for ourselves before we can truly love and care for others!!

So as any normal human, I work best under pressure, I also work best when some type of reward is in sight!! That’s what this week is going to be! Starting tomorrow, I challenge each of you for the next 7 consecutive days to first tell us what you are going to do each day to love yourself. (Accountability is also a huge thing for me!!) Then I challenge you to be truthful about whether or not you have been faithful each day and done this and post it for everyone to see.(especially me so I can get you prizes!) my hopes for this is that we can also be supportive and encouraging of each other!! We need to help each other!! So no matter what it is you are doing to love yourself(exercising, reading, taking a time out to let your mind and body rest, dressing up, applying makeup daily, styling your hair, eating right, the list could go on forever!) let’s be accountable, let’s be encouraging and supportive, let’s be positive, let’s help each other love ourselves so we can give the best of ourselves to everyone else!! You never know what someone else is going through you must encourage them to push through and be the best they can be no matter what!!!!
So, post away, let us know what you are doing to love yourself and then let us know every day whether or not you accomplished this!! Best of all I’ll be giving away prizes for everyone who does this!!
Let’s help each other love ourselves

~Jodi, Amanda and Bailey

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Love Yourself Enough Challenge

love yourself enough challenge

Hey everyone!!

My daughter  Amanda, a dear friend Bailey and I have teamed up to bring you a fun new challenge!!

Is there something that you know you should be doing to make your life easier? Your mornings easier? Your evenings easier?

Is there something that you just know would make a huge difference in how your day goes, IF ONLY you could do this one thing?  But yet you just can’t commit to making that change?

For some it might be getting up earlier to work out or get a few things done before the kiddos wake up, or packing your own lunch and/or snacks for the day to keep you on the right track?

How about doing something just FOR YOU? Giving yourself some self love? Even if it’s just 5 minutes a day! Reading a book, taking a quick walk, journaling, etc?

Personally, life has changed in many ways and the old routines I used to have for working out are not working anymore.  I LOVE to do my workouts at night after work…it helps me unwind, destress, etc.  However….that’s just not working for me anymore and I find that I’m just not getting those things done.  Plus, I love to be available to play with that grandbaby whenever I am needed!!

In addition, I have been sleeping in and then am rushed to get out the door for work on time and it drives me crazy.  I NEED SLOW TIME/ME TIME’SIPPING FROM MY HUG FROM A MUG before the day starts because like many of you, the moment I step out the door, my day is mostly out of my control and I have to be ready for anything.

SO…I know for me getting up at 5:00 am to get my workouts in, to blog, to “just be” would benefit me greatly…however, each morning when the alarm goes off, I shut it off and go back to sleep.  I just have not been able to find that “WHY” that is strong enough to get me up and moving for the day.

I was listening to a Periscope a while back by the amazing Katie of Healthy Diva Life.  She gets up at 5am every morning for her “me time” and as she was talking about her “WHY” for getting up, she also said something like, “You have to LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH to get up to give yourself the gift of setting yourself up for the best day possible.”  That really struck a chord with me…and thus she inspired this challenge! {Thanks Katie}

So many things in life are easy to push off even though we know it’s what we need…we just need to LOVE OURSELVES ENOUGH to follow through and do what needs to be done.

Now, trust me, I know it’s easier said than done…and I personally do so much better with accountability groups and challenges so I talked to Amanda and Bailey and asked them to join me on this one!!

So here goes!! Join us if you want!!!


  • Pick ONE THING that you need to do to LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH to follow through on to make your day go smoother.
  • Feel free to commit to that ONE THING for accountability on my Facebook page. I will post a thread for you to post what you will be trying to do! {If not comfortable doing this, just write it down somewhere for yourself!} I will post a thread daily for accountability!!
  • “They” say it takes 21-30 days to create a habit, so let’s aim for 21 days and see how we do!! Challenge will run Tuesday, March 29 through Monday, April 18!
  • Stay tuned as you never know what fun stuff we might throw your way!
  • Feel free to use #LOVEYOURSELFENOUGHCHALLENGE to document your journey on any social media so we can follow you too!

Looking forward to helping you LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH!!

~Jodi, Amanda & Bailey


Best of the Week ~ March 4

best of the week

Hey everyone!! {I am linking up with Kalee of in a new link-up she is hosting called Best of the Week where we will focus on the best things that happened to us this week and any goodies included!}

This was a crazy week….and we are focusing on the BEST THINGS and GOODIES!

SO…here we go:

Oh my goodness….I am so hooked and so excited for FULLER HOUSE spinoff from Full House.  I absolutely loved Full House and am already addicted to FULLER HOUSE! LOVE LOVE LOVE

fuller house

Finding joy in the ordinary….does this resonate with you and is it something you need to work on? I am such a simple person and I love the simple things in life…and this quote is so perfect.

find joy

Grpa Mike and I got to babysit Little Miss Audra Kathren Thursday night for a bit.  I swear she is growing up overnight.  The baby Audra is gone and the toddler Audra is emerging.  We can both just sit and watch and play with her forever.

Last night when we were there, she crawled over to her diaper bag {she is FINALLY crawling the right way, not just Army crawling!!!}, worked for a while on getting her bottle out of her bag, sat there and babbled like crazy, drank her milk and turned circles on her butt.  So cute!!!  And those piggytails!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAAAAWWW!!!!

almost 1

And as far as goodies….I love my Ningxia Zyng!!


I don’t drink it daily, but every once in a while I like a little pick me up and this is my go to!! It’s not an energy drink, I like to call it a “clarity/focus drink”.  On days at the shop where I just can’t focus, I like to go grab one and sure enough in about 20 minutes I am thinking more clearly and more focused…plus I LOVE THE TASTE, especially when it’s cold.  You can read more about it on my website here and if you are interested in signing up to get some for yourself, check out my personal site or email me at and I’ll help you out!

Wishing you all a great day!!! And weekend!! It’s supposed to be in the 60s here in ND…and we have a birthday party for that little girl on Saturday!!! {her actual bday is Sunday but celebrating early!!}

Much love to you all!


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