Honolulu Marathon Training ~ Weeks 1-4/23


Oh Lordy…so so so true!! And trust me, I can’t let myself think about the 26 point two freaking miles too often or else I will totally talk myself out of it…so…it’s one workout at a time!!!

And on that note…here is a little quick wrap-up of the first 4 weeks of training…out of 23!! Holy crapola!!! That’s a lot of weeks of training!!

Week 1: I was honestly super excited to get started on the marathon plan Coach Amanda had prepared for me.  I do so much better when I have a plan and have someone telling me what to do!! The week went really well! And…I did something I have NEVER done before!! My sister and brother in law were having their baby shower in Fargo that first weekend of training and so I made sure I found hubby and I a motel with a treadmill to make sure I could get my workouts in! My hubs was so supportive and made sure I got up and got my workouts in each day so we could then go enjoy the family!

And…my hubby bought me a new-to-me used treadmill that weekend. I have wanted one forever…so needless to say, I am SO excited and have already used it quite a few times!

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My dear sister, Kellee and me :)

My dear sister, Kellee and me at the shower :)

Week 2:  Great timing for the treadmill as I used it quite a bit…Amanda and I are trying hard to get some training in outside in the heat to get ourselves ready for Honolulu in December…not so easy for us cold weather running gals from ND!

2014-07-17 20.23.412014-07-20 19.26.52

Week 3: The 4 days of running, 2 days of yoga and trying to add in strength training finally caught up with me week 3.  I was pretty tired all week! Working on learning fueling, balance, etc.  It’s getting harder for me to fit in my additional 2 workouts of strength training now that my mileage is going up.  I used to just easily fit it in after two runs a week…not so easy now…plus the strength workouts are getting tougher! One day a week of rest has been an adjustment again but I know I can do it and that it will pay off in the LONG RUN…{Literally!! HA :)}  Backing off the extra strength workouts as I know I am getting PLENTY in with my amazing yoga classes!

2014-07-22 20.10.01

Week 4: Still getting in a combination of treadmills runs and outdoor runs and still loving my treadmill!  Still a tad tired but not near as bad as week 3.  There was one day this week though where my body ached SO BAD!! But it quickly went away after yoga!

Bought myself my first piece of motivation for the 26.2...my GreecieGirl Headband...LOVE!

Bought myself my first piece of motivation for the 26.2…my GreecieGirl Headband…LOVE!

2014-07-29 16.55.44

I am humbled and thrilled that as part of being Coach Amanda’s cadet for the #Saucony26Strong program, Vega sent me this stash of goodies to try out for fueling on my runs! {Coach Amanda is a Vega Ambassador!} I am having a blast trying them out and seeing what works for me.  Thanks Vega and Coach Amanda!

2014-08-02 14.07.15

We returned to Fargo this last weekend to meet my niece, Kieren Marie.  Needless to say Amanda and I were in heaven!! She is such a tiny little peanut and we fell in love with her immediately! This of course meant more workouts while away from home. I loved the fitness center and treadmill at the hotel we had stayed at before, so we opted to stay there again.  I had a LONG 9 miler to do on Saturday, so Amanda and I hit the fitness room and got it done!

2014-08-02 09.05.19

I played around with my Vega products and I have to tell you…not sure if coincidence or not, but I felt great through the whole run…just my hammie and glute started to tighten a bit but I felt great…and I did NOT get sore the next day which I cannot believe!! This ole ma gets pretty sore after runs over 5 miles!! I took the Energizer 20 minutes before I started running, mixed the gel with 20 oz of water and sipped on that during my walk intervals throughout the whole 9 miles, and then took the accelerator after my run.  So excited to keep trying these products!

Training plan called for an easy 3 miles on Sunday.  We decided to venture outside and had arranged to meet up with our friends Kat and Annie! They drove over to our hotel to meet us and we went for a 3 mile walk, followed by a fun chat over coffee.

2014-08-03 09.40.37

Now this might not seem like a big deal…to meet up with friends and go for a walk or run…but what is so cool about this is that we Amanda and I met Kat and Annie through Instagram!! Yup!! Over a year ago, we found each other through @SkinnyMeg.  Annie was living in Fargo, ND.  Amanda and I are from Bowman, ND which is 6 hours away from Annie.  Kat was living in Michigan at the time going to college and has now moved to Fargo! We all met in person for the first time at the Fargo Half Marathon in May 2013 and have stayed in touch since and try to meet up if we can when Amanda and I are in Fargo visiting my sister. It just goes to show that social media can be an amazing tool when used correctly.  These girls, although Kat and Annie are closer in age to my daughter,  have captured this ole ma’s heart.  I just love texting and emailing them and absolutely loved our visit yesterday!!

2014-08-01 12.11.44

Another cool thing I have to share about social media is this photo above…the top are cards and a pair of compression sleeves I received from @choosingforbalance whom I met through Instagram.  We have never met in person, but she so kindly sent me this stuff to help me in my running journey.  How super cool and sweet is that??? I mean seriously!!! I am so blessed and touched!! Thank you, Bev!

The bottom picture is another GreecieGirl Headband.  I had bought the 26.2 one above and another one to try out…and then GreecieGirl held a giveaway and I won this headband!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! The fabric is moisture wicking, soft and vibrant!! You really should go check them out!

And that my friends, pretty much wraps up weeks 1-4 of training.  Bring on week 5!!!!

I know the journey is not going to always be easy…I know the miles are going to get longer and tougher and I know I won’t always be able to fit in every workout without having to make exceptions and adapt it as I go….and yes, I am scared shitless but doing it anway…and..that’s all okay…

Because what I DO know is this…I will be running with my heart!! That has been my goal from the start and if I follow my heart I cannot fail! I am not a fast runner, I don’t have huge goals and I probably don’t push myself as hard as I could at times…this is all still new to me and I am doing it in a way that is best for this ole ma! And if I can inspire at least one of you out there along my way…then my heart is happy!!

run with your heart

Much love to you all!


2 thoughts on “Honolulu Marathon Training ~ Weeks 1-4/23

  1. You are an inspiration through and through!!! Your Heart… your guide….. is filled with such beauty!! THanks for taking us on this journey with you!!! Go get’ it girl!!!

  2. I can’t believe I’ve never read your blog(s)!! You have the most infectious optimistic attitude, you are doing fantastic with both training and cross training — WAY TO GO! I’m so excited to follow along your journey to the big 26.2 🙂


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