#ActiveLivingChallenge Week 1 recap


Yeah, so obviously you all know I am a “challenge addict” and I came across this #ActiveLivingChallenge via Instagram/Twitter hosted by Fit Approach and Lorna Jane Active just in time to join it last week.  I found out about it through Jill Conyers’ blog.  {Thanks Jill!}

Basically, it’s very simple.  There is a prompt for each day for three weeks that we are to snap a picture of and post it to Instagram and/or Twitter and then at the end of each week we are supposed to recap our thoughts and photos for the week on our blog.

It’s been a lot of fun and definitely out of my comfort zone once again!!

Here’s my week 1 recap:

2014-08-04 18.59.22

Aug 4: {favorite summer workout move} I have been working hard on my tripod headstands in yoga.  I LOVE attempting headstands/handstands.  I have a long ways to go but yet I  have come so far and I am really proud!

2014-08-05 20.37.39

Aug 5: {favorite healthy recipe} Yep, ‘nough said 🙂

2014-08-06 08.31.58

Aug 6: {what active living means to me} What a difference four years can make! I don’t realize the changes I have made with leading an active healthier lifestyle until I look back to my 40th birthday photos.  Active living means the world to me and is my passion right now!

2014-08-07 08.29.32

Aug 7: {favorite time to relax/have quite time} Hands down for me is a bubble bath.  So relaxing and a great way to soak and pamper this ole ma’s tired running/yoga muscles! Love to read while in there or catch up on social media!

2014-08-08 22.00.27

Aug 8: {workout sweaty selfie}  Our town held their first ever Rainbow 5K Run/Walk.  Normally I would have run it, but we had lots of family walking so I opted to push my little niece, Kennedy {from Washington} in the stroller and hang out with all of my other family!  As you can see, Kennedy and her sisters Tia and Alli had a blast 🙂  So did Amanda and I 🙂

2014-08-09 13.19.06

Aug 9: {moving/workout with friends} Love love love my race buddies, my daughter Amanda, dear friend/family/chiro/yoga instructor Dixie, & dear friend/family/neighbor Robin. This photo was taken in May 2014 at our second Fargo Half Marathon/10K.

2014-08-10 07.59.16

Aug 10: {Something I’m grateful for} We had an unexpected weekend out of town 3 hours from home so I was grateful for yet another hotel with a treadmill!!! Probably not ideal for my first double digit run of 10 miles for Honolulu Marathon training but hey, I was super proud I was up and running by 5:30am {4:30am at home} to get my run in! {I kind of had some funky hair going on too :)} And the treadmill only went up to 60 minutes so I had to break it into two sessions:)

Looking forward to week #2 of the #ActiveLivingChallenge! Join us if you want…it’s never too late to participate!!

Much love to you all!



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